Easter Weekend in Ocean City

Happy Easter!

Easter Weekend in Ocean City, New Jersey is an exciting time! Thousands of people fill the island. This is how they do an Egg Hunt on the beach! lol I call it more of an Egg Gathering! But none the less as you can see all the kids have a blast. I don’t know how long it takes to fill all these eggs…?

I only shot video of the 6/7 year old area. There are areas blocked off for each age group up to 7. I think this is the only time you will see thousands of people on the beach — and no one in a swim suit!

And within minutes of the bull horn — it is all over. Not an egg left in sight! If you think the lines are long at some of the rides, look at the line of people trying to leave the beach post egg hunt.

And this is why it took so long to leave the beach, the boardwalk was so packed, there was little room for all these folks to walk and move.


On a family note, this is Olivia giving Bob a thank you kiss. She didn’t get too many eggs (maybe 5??) so her brother made her feel better by giving her some of his. (he gathered about 25)

Meanwhile, Lauren didn’t need anyone to help her out! She may be the youngest (age 5) but she gathered the most eggs in this family! 102 EGGS!

What is really cool about this egg hunt (besides it being held on the beach!! –that is cool) is that each egg is filled with a treat. Some eggs have candy, others a small toy, while others have coupons for free things on the Ocean City, New Jersey boardwalk. Lauren ended up with coupons for free ear phones from Verizon, free popcorn from Johnsons, ice cream, pizza — all kinds of goodies.

 The Ocean City, NJ Egg Hunt is held the weekend before and the weekend of Easter. So yes they do this TWICE! It truly is the best Egg Hunt in South Jersey (in my opinion). I only let my kids do it once, which doesn’t make me the most popular mom on the island, but, all in all, I think they made out. The Egg Hunt is free thanks to sponsors like Castaway Cove. So I returned the favor and purchased some ride tickets (They are offering the annual 1/2 price ticket sale over Easter Weekend.– and you can buy them online)


And to help gain some of the “mom points” back….. we made a quick stop at the Fudge Kitchen for a free sample of fudge and a picture with the Easter Bunny before walking back to the Scarborough Inn……





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