LOCAL BIKE TRAILS: “Haven Avenue Bikeway” in OCEAN CITY

Mural on Local Bike Trail – “Haven Ave. Bikeway” Bicycle riding on local bike trails is a wonderful way to explore the island of Ocean City. Family bicycling is particularly easy on our local boardwalk because there is no vehicular … Continue reading

Scarborough Inn: Birth Announcement!

“Our” Diamondback Terrapin It’s true, we recently received our “Official Terrapin Adoption Certificate” from the Wetlands Institute.  That means we support the Terrapin Conservation Project. The Project helps fund “Road Patrols” that rescue injured turtles hit by vehicles as they … Continue reading

New Jersey Endangered Species: Diamondback Terrapin

New Jersey “Turtle Crossing” sign The Diamondback Terrapin is an endangered species in New Jersey and its vulnerable status has given rise to what some may characterize as “weird road signs.”  You may have spotted Turtle Crossing signs on local … Continue reading