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5-5-5 Deal

You gave me five-star reviews.

You gave me a top-five ranking.

I'm giving you a five-dollar night.

Read on...

[UPDATE: This promotion from 2020 is no longer valid].

You got me into the TOP FIVE on TripAdvisor.

I'm giving you a weeknight for $5. Yes, seriously.

Dear Beloved Guests,

Thank you all for the five star ratings on TripAdvisor! Thank you all for getting Scarborough Inn in the top five B&Bs in Ocean City! In the two months since I've taken over as innkeeper, you've helped me jump from the bottom half to the top five.

But talk is cheap.

To really thank you for the five star reviews and the top five ranking, book any September weeknight and I'll give you a second weeknight for FIVE DOLLARS. Really. I call it my 5-5-5 deal. (I hope Domino's doesn't sue me for that.)

Q: What?!?

A: It's not rocket science. Stay Monday night and I'll throw in Tuesday for $5. Stay Tuesday night and get Wednesday night for $5. Stay Wednesday night, I'll throw in Thursday for $5. You get the idea.

Q: What about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?

A: Those aren't weeknights.

Q: Technically, Friday night is.

A: But it's not a school night.

Q: [Gives puppy dog eyes.]

A: Fine! Book a Friday night, I'll throw in Thursday night for $5. Book a Saturday night and I'll throw in Sunday night for $5. That's how much I love you guys.

So just give me a call at (609) 399-1558, mention my 5-5-5 deal, and I'll set up your one-night September reservation plus a second weeknight at $5. That's all there is to it.

And if you haven't already, please:

Like me on Facebook.

Follow me on Instagram.

Review me on TripAdvisor.

And if you haven't already, watch my video which one reviewer lauded as "kinda childish." Enjoy.


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