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Music Jam Weekend

Flyer for Scarborough Inn's Porsche Porch Party
How badass is this flyer?!

Friday, November 10 through Sunday, November 12 is our 2nd Music Jam Weekend.

If you enjoy playing music with others, this is for you.

A whole weekend dedicated to playing music, making friends, and enjoying the pace of a seaside town in a beautiful "Old Shore" Inn, complete with a wraparound porch and an amazing staff (Elaine's words, not mine, but I concur).

Any instrument and playing experience is welcome.

Focus will be one traditional music / music for dancing, but any and all tune suggestions are welcome.

This is an opportunity to jam in an instructional setting where you can improve or learn to play by ear, play harmonies, backup, or even improvise.

More seasoned musicians make the experience so much richer. Come and share your unique talents! Each person, instrument, and style makes for a great jam experience.

Tom is a wealth of musical information. Feel free to pick his brain all weekend. (He'll talk basketball, baking, whiskey, and cats if you get him going).

Feel free to bring music if you want.

Here's a clip from our last Music Jam Weekend at Scarborough Inn.

This Victorian inn (the oldest in Ocean City, NJ) has long been a welcome home for the musical arts. Here are some pics of musicians at the inn in recent years, including some shots from our most recent Music Jam Weekend.

Click here to book a two-night stay for 20% off at Ocean City's oldest and highest rated hotel. Rooms starting at $240/night. And you get:

-Full breakfast

-Free on-site parking

-Complimentary beverages each evening

-My charming personality (I'm Sne, the innkeeper)

Prices shown are for room and breakfast at Scarborough Inn as well as the fee for the musical portion of the weekend (100% of which goes directly to your excellent musical instructor, Tom Krumm). You get a lot of bang for your buck!

The $50 fee for Tom's musical instruction can to paid to Elaine Douds after check-in. She will be joining each of the jam sessions.

And you'll be pleased to know that 100% of this fee goes directly to Tom (we at Scarborough Inn just love hosting him and taking in the musical knowledge he imparts).

Click here to book your discounted stay at Scarborough Inn today and start a new musical tradition.


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