October Newsletter

Dear beloved guests. It's been a while since my last newsletter, so here's what's been happening since my last email. Read through because there are promo codes, and that equals free money.


We Got a New Paint Job

I overhauled the room interiors in 2021 (see below). 2022 brought a much needed makeover to Scarborough Inn's iconic façade.

Scarborough facade after the 2022 paint job.
Scarborough Inn's new façade.

We had power washed in August of 2021 to prepare for an immediate paint job. Because of labor shortages, we didn't line up a painter until spring of 2022. That meant that Scarborough Inn spent the intervening winter with a questionable Grey Gardens vibe that I kinda liked. I was in the minority, though.

Scarborough Inn's façade during a snowstorm.
The façade during a snowstorm shortly before the new paint job.

When it finally came time to repaint, I generated over 25 color schemes. Grey, purple, aqua... these options were all on the table. 120 hours and 64 pots of coffee later I narrowed it down to two schemes. I did four iterations of each. I then asked all of my staff which version they liked. After disregarding their collectively incorrect opinions, I decided to embrace Scarborough Inn's existing pink and blue colors. The sun-faded navy and mauve became Icelandic blue and hot pink.

Monica converted file cabinets into moveable planter boxes for dune grass. We got black flower boxes which we immediately Scarborough pinked the heck out of.

Now we have a building that's ready to party.


Buy a Gift Certificate for Someone Awesome

We finally got our gift certificate storefront online. So if you need to buy something special for someone that has everything, click here to order a gift certificate... or ten. Nothing says I love you like a getaway to the only place in the world with easy access to soft Jersey sand, boardwalk pizza, Asbury Avenue boutiques, and a loquacious innkeeper armed with many useless facts and one useful kegerator.


Retracing the Past

Room photo.
Easy-to-clean interiors harken back to another pandemic.

As mentioned above, I overhauled the room interiors from October 2020–June 2021. As the pandemic was still new to everyone, cleanliness was on the forefront of wary (and weary) travelers' minds.

I went with minimalist white bedding, antimicrobial brass fittings, easy-to-sweep wood floors, built-in furniture to avoid dust bunnies, and subway tiles for the baths.

As luck would have it, so did my architectural forebears in the wake of the Spanish Flu. At first glance the interiors might look "modern." But most of the furniture, fabrics, and fittings we selected would've been right at home in a 1920s Paris apartment.

Sidenote, since this is the first time I'm walking in the footsteps of dead architects, I probably should've called this section Tracing the Past, not Retracing the Past.