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Dear Beloved Friends of Scarborough Inn,

To quote Austin Powers: “Allow myself to introduce... myself.”

My name is Sne. That rhymes with day. I’m a South Jersey beach kid. I grew up in Ventnor, a distant one island up the coast from Ocean City.

For 20 years, I’ve been practicing architecture in Manhattan. But I’ve never stopped being a Sixers fan (sorry Knicks; sorry Nets), and I’ve never stopped being a beach kid. When I can’t surf down here, I skateboard the streets up there pretending I’m surfing down here.

In June 2020, I became the most recent of a 125-year-old line of innkeepers of Scarborough Inn.

Q: Why would an architect become an innkeeper?

A: Because we’re control freaks.

Architects are known to design everything from furniture to menus to silverware so they could influence your experience.

But nothing affects how you remember a place more than the people you meet. I’ve been in beautiful places where I was made to feel unwelcome. I’ve been other places where my host’s warmth overshadowed the modest accommodations.

My goal at Scarborough Inn is to make physical changes—small and large—to make your stay more comfortable while keeping you connected to this Victorian Building’s storied past. More importantly, I aim to make Scarborough Inn your home by the sea.

I’ve gotten to know some of you. I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of you.

Have a safe and healthy summer. And when you’re ready to feel sand between your toes again, you know where to find me.


Sne Avichal | Innkeeper

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