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A picture is worth a thousand words. By that reckoning, these films are worth 86 million words a minute. You'll laugh. You'll cry. It's better than Cats.

Dear Beloved Friends of Scarborough Inn,

To quote Austin Powers: “Allow myself to introduce... myself.”

My name is Sne. That rhymes with day. I’m a South Jersey beach kid. I grew up in Ventnor, a distant one island up the coast from Ocean City.

For 20 years, I’ve been practicing architecture in Manhattan. But I’ve never stopped being a Sixers fan (sorry Knicks; sorry Nets), and I’ve never stopped being a beach kid. When I can’t surf down here, I skateboard the streets up there pretending I’m surfing down here.

In June 2020, I became the most recent of a 125-year-old line of innkeepers of Scarborough Inn.

Q: Why would an architect become an innkeeper?

A: Because we’re control freaks.

Architects are known to design everything from furniture to menus to silverware so they could influence your experience.

But nothing affects how you remember a place more than the people you meet. I’ve been in beautiful places where I was made to feel unwelcome. I’ve been other places where my host’s warmth overshadowed the modest accommodations.

My goal at Scarborough Inn is to make physical changes—small and large—to make your stay more comfortable while keeping you connected to this Victorian Building’s storied past. More importantly, I aim to make Scarborough Inn your home by the sea.

I’ve gotten to know some of you. I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of you.

Have a safe and healthy summer. And when you’re ready to feel sand between your toes again, you know where to find me.


Sne Avichal | Innkeeper

Meet the innkeeper

events & promos

Food, drinks, laughs... and murder! A fireside comedy show at Scarborough Inn goes south when the jokestar gets upstaged by The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year. Now you and the other guests need to unravel this mystery like your cheap holiday sweater. More details here.





On Saturday, December 9, 2023 the neighbors of Ocean City's Historic District invite the public to tour their decorated homes and businesses. The evening starts at 5pm. Show up to Scarborough Inn at 720 Ocean Avenue to get a free wristband (required to enter private homes on the tour) and a printed map showing which homes will be on the tour. More details here.


Holiday Historic Home tour


You call it New Year's Eve. We call it First Night. It's OCNJ's family-friendly December 31st celebration where the focus is on music, arts, history, and family fun. Call Scarborough Inn your home base during the more than 70 events at 20 venues throughout town. Free shuttle service connecting them all too! So much better than shelling out for an overpriced prix-fixe or watching a lame ball drop at home. Book two nights and get 25% and your OCNJ First Night admission badges included! Details to follow.



ocean City first night 



But wait! There's more! You get a bed. You get a breakfast. And now you get these sick discounts! Only one promo per reservation, greedy! If you already have a reservation with us, call us and I'll give you a gift certificate toward a FUTURE stay worth the discount you would've gotten had you booked with the promo code. Talk about magnanimous. The gift certificate is valid until December 31, 2023.

Military Discount

When? All the time.

Promo Code and Link: GOARMYBEATNAVY

What's the Deal? Active and former military servicepersons get 10% off. Must show your military ID at check-in. The other catch is that you must enter the GOARMYBEATNAVY promo code. Sailors and marines, I am very thankful for your service. But I'm still salty over that 14-year Army-Navy drought. Go Army!

Early Booking Discount

When? All the time.

Promo Code and Link: EARLYBOOKING

What's the Deal? The early bird catches the worm. Book nine months in advance and get 15% off! Two-night minimum. This is measured from the time you leave us a deposit, not from the time you call dibs. Bank's rules, not mine.

Weekly Discount

When? All the time.

Promo Code and Link: BETTERTHANVRBO

What's the Deal? Stay six days or more. Get 20% off. That's a day and a half for free! Unlike with house rentals, I don't force you to move in and out on Saturday, or make you provide your own linens, or make you cook your own breakfast, or make you drive to Somers Point to get booze (did I mention we put out free happy hour?), or make you tidy up after yourself throughout the week. Seriously, why are you still on VRBO when you can just move in here?!