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Employee Number 01

Another year, another Labor Day weekend is upon us.

This year, we’ve had the most extraordinary team in my tenure here at Scarborough Inn. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my beloved staff for excelling when there are plenty not even showing up.

Thank you all delivery workers who get half your daily workout bringing bags and boxes up my porch. My coffee, water, restroom, porch, and bourbon are yours whenever you want.

Thank you healthcare workers who are still being pushed to the limit. The declining health of people close to me this year has reminded me how hard your jobs still are.

Thank you to all my guests, who come to our oasis to escape challenging jobs back home. I’ve tried even harder to make this your home away from home. But I know there are times I have failed.

Which brings me to one worker I haven’t looked out for.


In what has been the most trying year of my life filled with more unsaid goodbyes than I can count, I have neglected my own well being. And it was often at the expense of those closest to me.

Leadership is new to me. And I’m still making rookie mistakes.

So thank you to all those with their own beloved staffs for reminding me to take time for myself. I took this pic in a brief moment I was away from the inn this week. Of course, I was filled with separation anxiety, so I sought the shade of a crape myrtle, my new favorite tree type.

Out of love and forgiveness, I say thank you, Employee Number 01. You might not be our best employee. But you’re our first employee.

You’re also our best dressed employee.


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