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FAQ [Freakin' Awesome Questions]

You have questions. We have answers. We also have beer in case you don't like the answers.

Q: What is Scarborough Inn?

A: Scarborough Inn is an adults-only bed and breakfast located in the Historic District in Ocean City, NJ. We allow kids in the off-season, but only if they're not the worst.

Q: Is breakfast really included? Like an actual breakfast breakfast.

A: Yup. Full hot breakfast. Sit-down breakfast. You sit in the dining area or out on the porch, we come find you and tell you today's breakfast and we bring it out to you. We're talking baked French toast, Caprese frittatas, and whatever stick-to-your-bones dish we feel like making that day. None of that continental breakfast BS or weekend-only restrictions that COVID has trained you to expect. We're talking the real deal. Also, I keep a basket of cereal marshmallows out for guests because everyone needs those now more than ever.

Q: Do all the rooms have private bathrooms?

A: Yes! This is a bed and breakfast, not a prison! We really have the size and privacy of a hotel, but the intimacy and comfort of a BnB.

Q: If Ocean City is a dry town, does that mean we can't drink?

A: You can drink. You can drink at any house or hotel. Just not at restaurants, and there aren't any bars or liquor stores. But stores in nearby Somers Point make deliveries to Ocean City twice a day. So it's the best of both worlds: as much booze as you want but no college kids because they're all at the bars in Sea Isle City, Wildwood, and AC.

Q: How old do you have to be to book a room?

A: At least one person in your party needs to be 25 years or older. And zero members of your party can be less than 10 years old. It's not that I have anything against kids and young adults. It's just that life's too damn short to have to put up with them. If you have any further questions regarding our child policy, please direct them to our on-staff Child Catcher. I do relax my child policy after Labor Day and before Memorial. Give me a call and I'll put you in a room where your gentle little angels won't terrorize my other guests.

Q: Are you pet friendly?

A: I loooooove dogs. Cats are generally evil. However, I don't allow pets during the summer tourist season. Call me before Memorial Day or after Labor Day and we'll check if we can accommodate your fur baby in our pet-friendly room off season.

Q: What's the deal with parking?

A: We have on-site parking. It's $15/day between Memorial Day and Columbus Day. It's free during the off season. Make sure to pick up your parking pass from the front desk and display it proudly from your vehicle's rear view mirror.

Q: What's the deal with beach tags?

A: Ocean City, NJ requires all visitors 12 years and older to display a beach tag in order to access the beach. The fee goes toward maintaining the beach and staffing the lifeguard stands. It's a distinctly Jersey thing like pork roll (not to be confused with Taylor ham which isn't a thing). The good news is that guests of Scarborough Inn get two beach tags upon request for the duration of their stay. Please return your beach tags when you checkout or face the innkeeper's wrath and a $35 charge on your credit card per beach tag.

Q: When do you close for the season?

A: We don't. We're open all year round. I grew up here. I live here. I don't have anywhere I need to be when summer's over. Swing by, see the inn with the fireplace on. Shop Asbury Ave's year-round boutiques. Comb the beaches in peace. Build up your collection of non-broken seashells. Place a few by the Christmas trees that pop up on the beaches. Come chat with me for hours on end about life, the universe, and everything. I'll also have winter ale in the kegerator.

Q: Is Scarborough Inn really OCNJ's oldest hotel? Whenever I Google "oldest hotel in OCNJ" the Flanders keeps popping up.

A: What are you? An idiot? We were built in 1895. They were built in 1923. There are six presidents, two foreign wars, and one pandemic separating our hotels. But the Flanders is a lovely property and we at Scarborough Inn would like to extend to them our sincerest welcome to the neighborhood.


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