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Mid-August 2021 Newsletter


Greetings from Your Innkeeper

I've been quiet with my emails. But I haven't forgotten about you all. This follow-up video will show you what I've been up to at Scarborough Inn. Scroll down for some answers to frequently asked questions.


What Do the Rooms Look Like Now?

Like my architect forebears did 100 years ago following the Spanish Flu pandemic, I’ve gone with easy-to-wash finishes: wood floors, subway tiles, built-in furniture, and an overall decluttering. Every home needs to be aired out every now and again. It’s all brass fittings and clean lines which would be period-appropriate during the 1920s, with some fun mid-century retro appliances because life’s too short not to have a mint green "science oven.”

Scarborough Inn's façade during a snowstorm.
The rooms after our renovation in 2021.

You're Prices Went You?

First off, it's your.

Secondly, that's more of an observation than a question. But I'll address it nonetheless.

To be honest, my prices haven’t gone up as much as most hotels’ prices have. This unprecedented travel year is compounded with insane material and shipping costs (yes, I was paying $50 for a sheet of plywood at one point). There hasn’t been a travel year like this before.

But I love loyalty and I love my regulars.

Book a three-night stay online this summer and I’ll take 20% off. This applies to new reservations only. Use promo code: 3SUMMERDAYS. Or click here:

So you get to party like it's 2019.


So Is the Inn Dog Friendly?

I remain a friend of dogs. While I can’t let your furry children spend the night (some guests have allergies) I’ll keep a drink outside for them.

Come down. Chat me up on the porch. Put reality on the shelf for a few days while you get some much needed sand between your toes.


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