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Scarborough's Ghost

Scarborough Inn's regulars will recognize this girl as Millicent Corson.

Descendent of John Corson, for whom Corson's Inlet is named, Millicent was a regular summer resident of Hotel Scarborough, as it was known in the 1930s. Tragedy struck when she drowned in the storm surge caused by the Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane of 1933. Guests have claimed to have spotted a girl dressed in white wandering the halls.

I, for one, have noticed the sound of a child's laughter when I walk across our faded shuffleboard court late at night. Millicent, it turns out, was an avid player according to contemporaneous accounts.

It's also worth noting that I made all that up. I have no clue who this is. This picture was in one of the rooms and it always creeped me out. Now it's in the lobby so it can creep you out during our Halloween Masquerade Ball next Saturday.


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